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Buy a Mountain home in Westcliffe Colorado.
Westcliffe Colorado is set on a valley between the Wet Mountains and the peaks of the Sangre de Cristo range in southern Colorado.


Custer County Colorado, where Westcliffe is located, offers the small town feel of kind-hearted friendly neighbors, mom and pop stores, restaurants focused on good food and company, and beautiful unscathed scenery. The Wet Mountain Valley lifestyle is a welcome change from the fast paced, heavy traffic, parking lot landscape lifestyle in the city but don't confuse Westcliffe for the sticks. Westcliffe, Colorado is a community of ranchers, farmers, and seasonal residents who have chosen to live in the beauty of nature where a heard of antelope is the only traffic jam you encounter, the air is clean, and the sky goes on for miles. There is no such thing as a large "box store" throughout the county, but the Westcliffe area offers top quality education through District C-1 schools, excellent medical resources with the Wet Mountain Valley Community Clinic and the Sange de Cristo Wellness Center, top fire and police departments, in addition bowling alleys, galleries, a live theater, a rodeo, and a brand new indoor pool. ...   More Westcliffe Information >>

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